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Welcome to WEB site of HAJ-KOM d.o.o. company.

It is our pleasure to present you what we are doing and what is main concern of our activity.
Basically it’s about finding and offering communications solutions. Even you may think that what you are just now looking for is not in the area of communications, tell us, we can find a solution for you. Whatever, it’s very important that majority of solutions our clients are looking for is not from the shelf. Mostly, after we have listen carefully what your needs are, we will be able to prepare and offer the most proper solution for you.
Our approach is to listen to our clients what they needs are in sense to be able to perform preferred core business as simple and efficient as possible.
“Solution” is what we offer to our clients and it have to be everything what the client is needed. Solutions we are offering to our clients are optimal compound of products and services.
Business environment HAJ-KOM is doing a business is characterized with all the existing and also future clients, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, services suppliers, scientific institution, national regulatory bodies, government institution, agencies and associations. By doing on this way we are aware about what’s happened in Croatia and all around the world and we are contributing and influencing also to the global business environment.
HAJ-KOM’s approach and position in business environment is best described as mediator between client’s needs and all possible solutions being available on the market.


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